Second Echo

Pre-sales for Second Echo Ensemble’s “Contested Land” show have just started! I was lucky enough to participate in this wonderful project in early 2017, where I composed a short piece, which was recorded by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. You can listen to it here!

A dear colleague of mine, Tom Misson was also involved in the project, and wrote the ‘love’ theme, while I wrote the ‘war’ music. It was a bit of a role-reversal; usually I’m the one to write sappy stuff, while he has such bangers as his Piano Sonata and ‘Saturday Night Tuberculosis’.

Second Echo Ensemble are a fantastic group, and received rave reviews for their production ‘By My Hand’ which was on earlier in the year. ‘Contested Land’ will surely not be one to miss.

Buy tickets to Contested Land here.

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