Latex Frontmatter

One of my pet peeves is poor frontmatter.

Bad engraving is understandable; it is, after all, something that takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to do properly.

Bad frontmatter is similarly offensive, but with the added issue of there being half-assed ‘solutions’ in-built to notation software.

Composers, I beg of you, please stop using Sibelius to do everything. It doesn’t work.

To remedy this, I am creating a LaTex class file, that should (in theory, once it has been released to the public) create nice, good looking frontmatter, engraved properly, with all of the information in the correct order (as specified by Elaine Gould in her seminal book, Behind Bars).

The fruits of my labour with LaTex can be seen in my honours exegesis, as well as my works from mid-2019 onwards, which is when I switched over to using LaTex to compile the frontmatter.

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