Learn about what I can do for you, and then hire me.

I have been engaged by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Hutchins, the UTas wind ensemble, Taroona High School, Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, and many more to undertake arranging, orchestration, engraving, and other music preparation services.

Ever try and research costs for a project, but can’t for the life of you get a quote without contacting them? Me too. I hate that. I charge $66 an hour for all my services*. You’re welcome.


Got a .pdf that needs to be turned into a .sib file? Easy. I can do anything from Beethoven, to hand written New Complexicist scores. I can reconstruct missing parts from conductor scores, and transpose from one instrument to another.


Got a .sib file that needs to look pretty, with professional looking frontmatter? I can do that.


I can orchestrate an SATB to full orchestra, or the other way ‘round, or adapt a work for a different set of instruments.

Audio Transcription

I can transcribe audio recordings into professional scores, ready for publishing. Please note that this is contingent on clarity of audio.

MainStage Programming

I have programmed patches for several shows, including Wicked, Mamma Mia, My Fair Lady, Chicago, Bring It On, and more. Please specify the show, keyboard, available sound libraries, and foot pedal requirements when you contact me.


Are you a musician or part of a group that likes my works so much that want me to write you a piece? Get in touch. I’d be delighted to write you something.

Score Hire

Have you seen one of my works, and would like to purchase a copy of the score? I love my works being performed! Contact me.

*A 30% loading charge is applied for jobs that need to be completed in short periods of time.

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