Honours Exegesis

I got First Class Honours! Hooray. Will be releasing the exegesis soon. Some exciting things in the pipeline.

Underground Art Bar Performance

Whew! Just wrapped up Season 1, Episode 2 of the Underground ArtBar, playing ‘Clathrate Gun Hypothesis’ with my very talented partner Claire Farrell. This was a really fun project, and the first time that I put my double bass skills to use, as well as my first test of Max MSP live in a performance setting.

Tasmania Performs

Delighted to announce that Claire and I have been selected for the Tasmania Performs Tarraleah Artists’ Residency! This is a weekend of workshops, group activities, and general fun stuff that will help develop our upcoming project for the Underground ArtBar (and perhaps other things, too- who knows?)

Underground Art Bar

Very excited to announce that I will be a guest artist at the next episode of Underground Art Bar, performing with my partner, Claire Farrell!

Latex Is Fun

I’ve been doing my thesis in LaTex, which has been a challenging learning curve, but well worth it- the results have been incredible, and it has been a joy to use.

Crump And Climate

The world seems to be telling me to appreciate nature more- I just finished engraving another work for a previous client, Steve Crump, who writes beautiful music about the Tarkine, Tasmania, and is a frequent collaborator with Bob Brown, and I also attended the Climate Rally in Hobart.



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